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Vertical gardens in Ecuador, botanical expedition

Vertical gardens in Ecuador, botanical expedition On the occasion of the building of the biggest vertical garden in Latin America, placed in Quito (Ecuador), Ignacio Solano, together with the Paisajismo Urbano team, went in 2012 to the Ecuadorian capital in order to make the research project that ended with the building of this work over the green walls of the Scala Shopping Mall.

The research made before the building of this vertical ecosystem was fascinating, because the amazing Ecuadorian flora is the cradle of a huge variety of species (a lot of them endemic). Moreover, its 283,520 km2 make Ecuador the country with the biggest biodiversity per surface in the world, and it has been the first one in legally including the rights of the nature in its constitution of 2008. Geologically, Ecuador is placed on the confluence of the Nazca tectonic plate, that gave rise to the Andes and which divides the country in 3 different climates. Its Galapagos Island are home to a real treasure: more than 1,600 bird species, 1,600 plant species (of which 4,500 are endemic), 106 unique reptiles species and 138 amphibians that we cannot find anywhere else in the world. Here we show you a photographic report of this valuable adventure, that was as interesting, diverging and exciting as it is expected from such an heterogeneous country like Ecuador; and during which we had the chance to study how the botanic world behaves in such different ecosystems like the Andean pastures, the coastal woods and the tropical rainforests.

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