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Vertical gardens in Colombia – Expedition to the rainforests of Chocó

Vertical gardens in ColombiaIn early 2015, Ignacio Solano and the team of Paisajismo Urbano traveled to the rainforests of Chocó, in Colombia, in order to make a selection of species to build the world’s largest vertical garden.

The territory of Chocó is occupied mostly by equatorial forest, mainly the rainforest of Darien, which acts as a natural border with Panama and as a division between South America and Central America. There are interesting comparisons that demonstrate the high degree of biodiversity in this area. Studies in Colombia have found that in one square meter of the tropical rainforest of Chocó can be found more biological variety than on a square kilometer of a temperate country.

Of its great diversity of species of plants, insects and birds are perhaps the birds the ones which have the highest endemism in the world. Approximately 25% of the species that inhabit these rainforests are not found anywhere else on the planet. About the plants, the herbarium of the Technological University of Chocó has collected in his twenty years of life, more than 11,000 species, which are not even 5% of the potential.

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