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Vertical ecosystems research work, Reunion Islands

Vertical ecosystems research work, Reunion Islands In 2008, Ignacio Solano and the team of Paisajismo Urbano went to the Reunion Islands to study how to develop green walls in nature. The Reunion Island is located in the Indo-Pacific Ocean, near Madagascar, has a surface of 2,152 square km and a tropical weather with moderate temperatures and various microclimates. This remote island attracted our attention for our botanic works, due to its recent geological emergence, it is a young and volcanic island that appeared between 5 and 8 million years ago.

The most interesting and paradoxical thing about this island, contrary to other places we visit, is that, due to its favorable climate and the human management, it is full of invasive species; most of them plants coming from Asia, Africa and even from Central and South America. Another piece of information that attracted our attention was the adaptation of these invasive species to the proximities of volcanic environments that are extreme in relation to thermal, light and chemical parameters. You can see some of the photos of our stay and two months work in such a unique environment at a biological, botanic and geological level, which is useful to develop our work in the building of vertical gardens.

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