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Steps to become a franchisee

1. Contact

Paisajismo Urbano® provides all the information about the franchise. You will receive our franchise information pack.

2. Prospect analysis

A meeting is scheduled to discuss and clarify our business opportunities and to evaluate if the prospect qualifies to become a Paisajismo Urbano® franchisee.

3. Prospect approval & Contract signing

If the prospect qualifies, he will have to pay for the franchise fee according to the location and demographic parameters of the business zone, and will proceed to the franchise contract signature. He will then have access to the technology, constructive system, portfolio, counselling and support.

4. Training

After the contract signing, the training course will be scheduled. The franchisee will learn the constructive system techniques and technology used by Paisajismo Urbano®, he will receive blueprints, guidelines, etc. The objective of this training is to provide the franchisee with all the techniques developed by Paisajismo Urbano®.

5. Kick off

Once the training is over, the franchisee will have access to our firm licensing and our constructive system techniques allowing him to begin with the execution of his projects.

The franchise of Paisajismo Urbano

Benefits of our Franchisees

Our Know-How

Successes Our Franchisees


Contact us
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