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Paisajismo Urbano edits the Definitive Guide of the Vertical Garden

Definitive Guide of the Vertical GardenPaisajismo Urbano, specialized company in the design and construction of vertical gardens, green façades and bioarchitecture, announces the publication of its first book, who’s title is the Definitive Guide of the Vertical Garden. The author of the work is the Spanish biologist Ignacio Solano, manager and founder of the company, and also expert researcher on species interactions.

This way Solano edits a text of reference for a booming and relevant sector, in which hardly existed prior and outstanding written materials. Based on the wide knowledge of his building and researching activity, result of more than ten years of experience, the objective of Ignacio Solano was writing a theoretical-practical manual which was more than a simple enumeration of data, covering all aspects that are related to the success of durable vertical gardens. Whit a light and simple style for the reader outside the scientific community, Solano highlights in his book the most technical concepts clearly explained.

Main subjetcs of the book

Some of the main subjects of the book are the related with the species selection, water chemistry or the control of pests that may affect a vertical garden. There are shown to the reader situation he might find before, during or after the construction of his vertical gardens, and at the same time are offered solution to apply.

This theoretical-practical information is complemented with a technic guide who shows some of the species that the author, based on his own experience and knowledge, recommends for the realization of green walls. The guide, besides the scientific name and the picture of the specie, also reveals very useful data, as the better pH, the temperatures the plant can tolerate, its size and its blooming season. To this is added very interesting information, as the origin of the plant or the family it belongs, and even advices and observations for each one.

All the subjects treated on this book corroborate that, as Ignacio Solano maintains, vertical gardening is much more than putting plants on a wall. To develop successful and durable vertical gardens is important to have a theoretical base and, specially, practical knowledge about plants and their behavior. Although this may seem difficult, it is not impossible, especially if you consider all the tips listed in the Definitive Guide of the Vertical Garden.

The book, available in English and in Spanish, can be bougth through the e-commerce of Paisajismo Urbano (only in Spanish) or through Amazon in English and in Spanish.


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